New hot designers that you need to know

New hot designers that you need to know

The world of fashion is a constantly changing place that serves as a revolving door for the most fashionable fashion designers. Fashionistas strive to stay at the forefront of the fashion world by keeping an eye on emerging creators who produce the best trends in the market today. A great way to stay current with new creators is to regularly check out fashion magazines. Most magazines have a special section devoted to designers who strive to make a name for themselves in the fashion world. Also check out cable channels specializing in fashion and style to view interviews and tips from these great designers.

It seems that the trend most fashionable today is for clothing collections designed by actors. This was made most popular by fashion brand Sean Jean designed by rap mogul Sean, "Diddy" Combs. More recently, Jennifer Lopez, singer of "Jenny from the block", has launched her own clothing brands called "Sweetface" and "JLo". These urban clothing companies offer many authentic fur items, which caused a lot of turmoil among people for the ethical treatment of animals. Gwen Stefani and her label "L.A.M.B." are another singer who has had great success in the fashion industry. Former singer No Doubt entered the world of fashion and was a huge success for her revolutionary line of clothing "Love Angel Music Baby".

Urban clothing brands are particularly popular nowadays, with Kimora Lee Simmons having great success with her "Baby Phat" clothing line. The Baby Phat line is extremely sought after and offers coins at different prices so that people of all budgets can proudly bring home pieces bearing the familiar cat logo.

As always, classic fashion houses such as Chanel, Gucci and Vuitton are still the favorites of the fashion community, as new designers are welcomed into the home and have the opportunity to create a beautiful addition to the season. The best time to see what the fashion designers have unveiled for the collection of the upcoming season is undoubtedly the New York Fashion Week. Everybody, from fashion stars to Hollywood starlets, attends these legendary fashion shows, licking their chests in front of the tasty fashion offers presented. Most fashion magazines have excellent coverage of fashion shows and collections available at these fashion shows, so take a look at them to stay on top of fashion.

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