Fashion for cruises

Fashion for cruises

No, I'm not going to talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' sense of fashion. Going on a cruise - you know, aboard a ship - is more than just a vacation. This is a time when dressing is essential, especially in the main dining room and at night receptions. Although many cruise ships have relaxed their dress code rules, there are still some first-rate lines that maintain the old dress traditions. It's also a good thing, because most people who go on a cruise are people who want to break the monotony of their lives. Dressing up gives them the opportunity to break away from their routine and make the most of their cruise vacation. Dressing is not really a problem, it's packaging that frustrates a lot. By many, I mean us, women.

How many times have you attempted to close and zip an overflowing suitcase before being denied at the port or airport because your luggage is at least 20 pounds overweight? Dressing up on a cruise does not mean you have to pack your entire wardrobe. Cruise fashion means smart and practical packaging. Being stressed because of too much luggage makes us look haggard even in our best evening dress. Before packing your bags, it is important to know the itinerary of your cruise. This gives you a general idea of ​​clothes, accessories and shoes to go. Since the itinerary and dress code of the cruise are usually printed with the brochure, you should not have a problem with that. If you want to be sure, call the travel agency that promotes the cruise. In general, cruises often require you to attend three types of activities: a formal social event, a smart casual affair, and a casual / sporting activity.

Since you will not spend the day in your cabin, do not forget to pack beautiful daywear in addition to your stiletto heels. Daywear can mean anything, swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts and jeans, depending on the wear you're going to have. Cruises in the Bahamas definitely deserve good swimsuits, sarongs and other light clothes. If you're planning a Scandinavian excursion, hiking boots, jackets, hiking gear and gloves are a must. Bring light sweatshirts, wraps or windbreakers in case of sudden changes in temperature.

The night aboard the ship usually involves social activities that require getting dressed. If your itinerary specifies several strictly formal events, simply bring a formal dress or two and some essential jewelry. There are dresses designed to work in different ways: asymmetrical, tube, halter or with suspenders. You can buy and carry one, and save space for your luggage. Your black dress is perfect as long as you change the accessories that come with it. Scarves, shawls, earrings and necklaces are good additions to your outfit. If you prefer a pantsuit, bring a pair of versatile suit pants and several tops to go with it. Linda Coffman, Editor-in-Chief of Cruise Diva, advises focusing on size. People hardly notice the pants or shoes you wear as long as they notice changes on your tops and accessories.

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