How to take care of your fur coat

How to take care of your fur coat

Your fur coat, fur coat and special outerwear are valuable and deserve to be cared for.

Allow your fur coat or other clothing the proper space in a closet. Never keep your fur coat or other valuable coat in a plastic bag. Your fur coat requires adequate air circulation; Use a cloth bag when traveling or carrying your fur coat between and in a cold room. The smell of butterfly and cedar balls often sticks to fur coats and creates horrible smells.

Proper cleaning and conditioning of your fur coat and other clothing will often eliminate this odor and most other unwanted odors.

Do not sit for a long time on your fur coat or outerwear, as this may cause excessive crushing and premature wear.

Avoid using too many purse straps and other straps when wearing your fur coat and other outerwear, as this will also cause premature wear.

If your fur coat gets wet, shake it and let it dry naturally. The use of heat will cause drying of fur and leather. If your fur coat is wet, it should be given special attention by a big furrier!

Have the proper annual care, including cleaning, conditioning, tightening buttons, closures and lining and repairing the first tears - some will be invisible to you.

Conditioning is a process that restores the essential oils essential to the longevity of your fur coat.

Repair all the small tears immediately. Often delaying the repair can lead to expensive replacement of the skins.

Your fur coat and other outdoor clothing will give you years of enjoyment when packaged and stored by professionals.

Each spring, you must put your fur coat in a vault at controlled temperature and humidity. Protect your fur coat from heat, moisture from the house and moths.

A fur coat is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it for many years with proper care.

Thank you for your time!

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