Leather blazers look good and feel good

Leather blazers look good and feel good

The leather blazers are really hostel this season. When shopping for leather goods, make sure you know the different types of leather available, the price, etc. High fashion leather blazers are available in 2-button and 3-button styles. The elegant blazers are in different colors: black, brown, olive green, yellow, red, caramel, cognac, hers and chocolate brown.

Types of leather

Leather is a tanned, hardened (but supple), dried and dyed skin of an animal. Thanks to modern dyeing processes, most types of leather can be found in almost any color. Some leathers, however, are better known for their particular colors.

Suede Soft leather with a smooth deer finish (deer, elk or antelope).

Chamois leather originally made from alpine chamois, a goat-like animal. Nowadays, it is gathered in sheepskin. The chamois is known for its supreme softness, absorbency and pale beige color. It is pronounced SHAM-wa, or parochial, SHAM-ee.

Calfskin of young cows. Its leather is smoother, but it can be rough to create a "velvet leather" or embossed with patterns and other textures. It is considered dressed and is usually in darker tones (black and brown).

Cowhide Adult cow leather used for shoes, boots and jackets. Hard and durable, it can have a smooth or rough finish. You will find it in all colors, but mainly in shades of brown and black.

Lizard Skins Crocodile, alligator and other lizard skins are generally limited to belts, luggage or shoes. They have a scaly texture and a beautiful shine. They are available in shades of green, gray, red and brown.

Porckin Pigskin is more commonly used in South America. It has little nap (fuzz) and is usually smooth to the touch and beige in color.

Ostrich: "exotic" leather on belts or shoes. The ostrich looks like a picked chicken and, as such, has the appearance of "goose bumps".

Suede Suede is created when the back of the calfskin is roughened to extreme softness. The resulting nap looks almost like velvet. Suede goods can be obtained in all major colors.

Price A good leather blazer can cost you between $ 250 and $ 1000. Depending on the quality of the leather, the design and the cut.

Sizes Leather blazers are of different sizes, whether long or short. Men usually wear long pants. While women prefer both long and short.

Tips on how to keep leather blazers

- Store your leather jacket flat or on a wide, sturdy and padded hanger to avoid stretch marks. Make sure you never use a plastic cover.

Take care of the pronto spots. If in doubt, bring the jacket to the cleaner.

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