Nike Air Force Ones

With prices ranging from 70 to 80 USD for the Nike Air Force One standard white or black and up to 300 USD for custom colors and logos, this modest shoe continues to hold a market share since.

The growth of the Hip Hop movement and the growing popularity of Hip Hop apparel have matched the release and growing popularity of Nike Air Force One shoes. Hip-hop fashion began to take hold in the late seventies and continued to become a major culture and fashion throughout the eighties. The beginning of hip-hop fashion, marked by clothing with African-American influences, includes the wearing of large glasses, gold necklaces, rings on many fingers, oversized clothes in palettes of red, black and of green and an emphasis on comfortable brand shoes reflecting personal style.

The Nike Air Force Ones has become very popular as a shoe brand in the culture of hip hop fashion. From brightly colored sports shoes with thick laces or white sneakers, Nike Air Force Ones maintained their grip on the hip hop market in the late '80s and' 90s and continue to occupy a prominent place. From high to low to standard height, these once-sporty shoes are now casual shoes that can be seen in the street, in the classroom or on the basketball court.

Currently, many stores sell the Nike Air Force Ones brand name, priced from $ 70 upward, to just over $ 100 on average. In order to combat these prohibitive prices, online websites such as have appeared, offering discounted prices on these shoes as well as other popular brands.

Working with an online sales site, such as, has both advantages and disadvantages. There is access to a much broader product base; in this case, additional colors and shoe styles that may not be available in stores, as well as reasonable prices, even after shipping and handling. For these reasons, among other things, websites like urbanhotlist have become popular with consumers. Customers should be sure to obtain a good refund policy before placing an order, so any defects or sizing issues can be easily resolved.

As long as this movement continues, it seems that Nike will be successful with its Nike Air Force One shoes and consumers will have a place to go to get what they want at the price they want to pay.

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