Oprah's favorite things

Oprah's favorite things

Each year, during the holidays, famous television host Oprah Winfrey is spurred on the loyal fans of the show by presenting her list of the 20 most expensive things to her credit for Holiday Gifts. Oprah's list of favorite things in 2007 includes many affordable, affordable gifts for mere mortals.

However, holiday shopping and gifts should not overshadow your budget if you shop smart and use good judgment when giving gifts to loved ones.

Although Oprah's list is difficult to match, we can suggest several solutions of less than $ 30 which would be an excellent and valuable gift.

To begin, let's look at what is available for HER

Monograms and customization are all the rage in gifts nowadays, so why not offer a gift that is just for "SHE" and for no one else. How about a beautiful monogram tote bag or an all-in-one bag that is a very practical gift and at the same time a very fashionable gift?

Or how about a unique gift of monogrammed clogs or flip-flops! I bet that would be enough to attract attention and who knows maybe even launch a new trend in the field of gifts.

His is another idea although it is not a very recent idea, personalized jewelry. Everyone likes to see their initials engraved on watches, earrings, bracelets or even necklaces. You can even engrave lines of messages on bracelets, anklets, bangles or necklaces. There are unlimited choices and varieties in jewelry and engraving so cheap nowadays, also very affordable.

Lets see what's available for HIM under $ 30

Well, how about a set of tools for this handy guy around the house, a set of tools with his initials on the box or tools, how can you go wrong?

For the well dressed how about chic cufflinks! Boring and old, well they can be chic and elegant if they are the right kind. How about some CD's initialized for the tech-savvy genre, I bet he would be delighted to receive a complete set of those with his name, his initials or a special message. For athletes, there are a number of options you can not go wrong with, such as custom golf clubs, golf balls, a baseball bat or a number of sporting goods that can be thrilling. For sportive people. For the more modest people, I mean sedentary people, the options are endless. For lovers of gastronomy, how about gourmet berries or chocolates with their initials on each chocolate, it would be a trip to every bite.

We can not forget the "little ones" because they are worth the holiday season

Why not offer a memorable or fun souvenir rather than a simple plastic toy that catches the eye for a few seconds before being relegated to a corner of the closet. How about a piggy bank with their own name engraved on it or a miniature with which they really identify?

Holidays should not be a stress or an effort for your budget. On the contrary, they can be fun without breaking the bank and incur a debt that you will have to pay for the rest of the year. All these gift ideas are not very expensive but very affordable and reasonable and can also be really meaningful and fun. The recipient of the gift would appreciate receiving these gifts and would be grateful for the feeling and thoughtfulness attached to the gift.

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