Quiz - Does Fashion Have Imprisoned Us?

Fashion encompasses everything. Do you manufacture fashion or fashion? How are you affected by the latest trends? Let's look at this question impersonally. Please see some old photos dating back about one hundred years. You will see men and women wearing different types of clothing. Today, the trend is different.

The trendy, trendy and fashionable word takes away our originality. We stopped thinking about the type of clothes we want to wear so that we look good and feel comfortable. Instead, we discover what celebrities are wearing. We are looking at the latest collections of fashion designers. We make our choice among these. We do not do our own fashion.

This does not apply to our thinking, our movements and our value systems. In these, we have our own standards. But when it comes to fashion, we fall in line. Why? The designers persuade us that if we do not follow the latest fashion, we are late and not up to date. Friends can make fun of us. Many of us are showing the latest purchases of designer clothing, but at exorbitant prices. We do not question the prices of the best designers. Why?

This has to do with a certain amount of brainwashing that we all have undergone by marketing companies. If everyone becomes independent and builds himself, how will he survive? Many of us buy the latest clothes, wear them once or twice, and never wear them again because they are out of fashion. We are still spending money and buying the last one. Fashion has touched us so much that we do not ask ourselves questions about these issues. We simply follow the flock.

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