Blank statement after Labor Day or false break?

Blank statement after Labor Day or false break?

Labor Day arrives quickly. If you're wondering if you want to put away your summer whites, as dictated by past trends, you're not alone. Although Labor Day is considered the beginning of autumn, wearing dark colors in thick fabrics on a sunny September day may seem a bit uncomfortable. While white shirts and blouses have traditionally been considered basic year after year, shoes, jackets, skirts, pants and outerwear are traditionally worn in spring and summer. In the past, these "fashion laws" were rigid, but in recent years, the rules have eased. If you're having trouble making the transition to fall, consider the following:

  • In recent years, designers have violated the traditional rules of the fashion world by introducing white in their fall and winter collections. This year is no exception. The secret lies in the texture and the fabric. Whites and pastels look fashionable and are comfortable during the colder months when worn in thicker fabrics.

  • If the sun is shining and it's too hot for wool, wear lighter fabrics in darker shades, such as black, brown and navy blue, to make the transition from warm to cool weather easier. As time changes, gradually add thicker fabrics to your wardrobe, changing it to a comfortable one.

  • Although white sneakers are accepted all year round, white sandals are not. Open-toe shoes, slings-backs and mules in darker neutrals can take you from summer to fall. As the weather becomes cooler or wetter (as is the case here on the west coast), introduce boots and styles of classic winter shoes.

  • Accessories reveal the time of the year. When the calendar changes from summer to fall, your accessories must do the same. Accessories made of fibers such as straw and jute say "summer". Fall requires accessories in materials such as leather and metal that blend well with your clothes and shoes.

Some traditions are here to stay. But it's good to know that getting dressed for the fall can be a slow transition rather than a formal event. Now that you know the rules of dress after Labor Day, it's up to you to decide how you want to apply them. Declaration of fashion or misstep? It's wonderfully black and white.

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