Search for the Holy Grail (or find the right bra)

We've been hearing it for years. Seven out of ten of us are wearing the wrong size bra, ladies! And having a bra fit by a 'professional' may not help at all!

Too often, we rely on these stupid little things called measuring tapes to tell us what size are we and we stick like chewing gum on a shoe, when in reality the fit will be different depending on the style, the manufacturer and the fabric. Charts and measurements are often of no help, especially when it comes to larger sizes.

Women who have gone out of business with a professional bra will not always get the best results, especially if the fitter is inexperienced or has received little training. Your best bet? Grab a handful-no pun intended- of bras in your general size and start trying them on!

The most common problem: cups and frames. The cups must fit snugly. In other words, your cup should not run too far forward or to the sides; they should not be baggy either. The frames should be adjusted under and around the chest, and rest comfortably on the rib cage. Never on the chest itself. You should also be able to raise your arms above your head.

To find the right fit you will also need time. Take a Saturday and make it your mission to find the right one. If you decide to see a professional, you will be able to do that. She will check where the wire, the underband and the straps fit and have the ability to know a mathematical formula how to fit you with a bra that is supportive and comfortable, not to mention attractive and flattering to your figure.

You do not have to spend a fortune but every woman needs a few bras of good quality in her drawer. Remember, you get what you pay for. At last, you'll be out of 10 women walking around doing the cha-cha bra (1, 2, 3-tug and adjust).

It will not be nice?

Mâle Raffiné
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