Beach shoes are the new trend of summer fashion

Beach shoes have evolved considerably in recent years. Gone are the days when flip-flops and Birkenstock (remember that all Birkenstock are not waterproof, so choose those that you wore at the beach wisely) was your only option. But who can really live without a comfortable pair of Birkenstock or 12? Today, there are all kinds of shoes specially designed for the beach.

From mesh sports shoes designed for running and walking at the water's edge to jelly shoes, flip-flops and dozens of varieties in between, it is now more than ever possible to have shoes practical to wear at the beach, but fashionable in this business too.

Footwear says a lot about the wearer, there is really no exception for beach shoes. All the old flip flops say that the wearer is not very concerned about the fashion of their feet. Of course, there are flip flops with embellishments that make them a little more fashionable than the dollar store variety. A nice pair of Birkenstock says the wearer is wiser more about quality and comfort than following trends. Beach shoes that are impractical or may require repairs after entering into a contract with water and / or sand indicate that the owner has more money than sense. And trendy and trendy shoes designed for the beach say that the wearer is chic and fashionable.

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