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Vein Wear is the first designer of men's shoes in Australia. Vein, by designer Christopher McCallum, has been recognized as the shoe of choice by the largest Australian clothing houses. Veine opened its winter season with the main parades of the Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold.

Vein shoes were the natural choice of shoes for Always Habit when they won the coveted Australian Design Awards in November 2005. Always Habit models are aimed at young, knowledgeable and professional men. They are looking for a striking shoe to compliment their casual attire. The vein provides that.

Vein shoes were the shoes of choice when the Australian brands "Leopold" and "Tom, Dick and Harry" unveiled their winter collections at the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. The parades were outstanding and both collections were acclaimed by critics.

When Vein launched its 2006 winter collection at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in March, there was no question of which shoes to wear with the three Pinnacle Men's Collections of the season. The main fashion shows Morrisey, Kenzo and Leopold have chosen to accompany their first-class models of Australian designer shoes Vein.

"The fashion festival is undoubtedly the culmination of our rise in fashion for Australian designers. Morrisey is an idol and an icon. To be worn at the foot of his Kenzo and Leopold collections is a great honor. I know our shoes do justice to their clothes, "says McCallum.

On the occasion of the next week of Australian fashion, Mercedes, Vein will work closely with the Red Cordial men's brand. Retailers, stylists and other fashion industry participants can also preview Vein's Summer 06/7 collection at the MAFW Source Show at the end of April.

"At Vein, we are excited to work with clothing designers. Shoes do not steal the show at fashion shows, but a designer parade is too important to leave shoes to models, friends or God does not bend, says McCallum.

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