Choosing Shoes - Why Choosing Sandals

Choosing Shoes - Why Choosing Sandals

Why wear sandals? This question comes up again and again. It's as if there were rules on the label of wearing sandals. Can you wear socks with sandals? Do you dress and sandals? Can you play golf in sandals? Many people have their interpretation of when the wear of sandals is appropriate. In many countries and especially in the seaside areas, sandals are the shoes of choice all year round.

The benefits of wearing sandals to the feet vary depending on the activities that interest you. Sandals are obviously not enough for any activity that requires proper foot protection. Flip flops are ideal for use in public places and can protect your feet from fungal infections, warts and lacerations. They are perfect to be worn indoors and only take a few seconds to put on or take off.

The sandals are elegant. At the beach, at parties or even at work meetings, a wide range of sandals is available. From bright flip-flops to strappy high heels to wedge heels, there are enough styles for every occasion.

There are many types of sandals on the market that not only look great, they also keep your feet happy with good ventilation and good foot circulation. The sandals even make winter appearances in cold climatic regions. Famous brands such as O'Neill and Sanuk are starting to produce quilted flannel and fleece sandals strapped to suspenders, or fleece lined sewn wool socks for the sandal wearer.

The sandals industry has grown significantly in recent years. Statistics for March 2006 indicate that the sandals industry grew 13% to $ 7.4 billion in just one year. Sandals now represent almost one-fifth of the footwear market.

Buying sandals is easy enough. Most local shoe stores will have a small selection. You can buy a cheap pair at a department store or even in some grocery stores. You also have the option to shop online from a wide variety of sandals of all brands. As most models of sandals have adjustable straps, you can be sure of your online purchase. You can choose from thousands of models of sandals. Check out some online today.

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