Why and how

11 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year in the world. So, in terms of quantity, Vein is not a big player.

And it is a fact of which we are proud.

You see, we make shoes for exceptional people like you. Men who value high quality shoes.

Men who understand that WHY a shoe has been made are as important as the way it was made.

At Vein, the WHY is very simple and clear ... we make shoes that say everything you want, without saying a word. The answer to how we do it is just as simple and clear ... it comes from more than 25 years of manual making of the best men's shoes.

For example, to create clean lines and a thin profile, a 600-pound pressure must be applied to the leather in two dimensions. However, to create the tightest curves and beautiful lines that are the signature of a Vein shoe, our craftsmen have learned to apply a pressure of 800 pounds ... on 3 dimensions. Only the elite shoemakers will take the extra time to do it and invest in specialized tools. We do it because that's what you expect from the greatest Australian shoe designer.

You want shoes that really stand out. Yes, our new designs catch the eye of all distances. But that's where the intricate details make sense. Exceptional details and a technically demanding pattern require clever and tedious paving.

Each new design requires new skills, techniques and knowledge. From beginning to end, we practice cutting, lining, gluing, sewing and baking. The end result is top quality shoemakers and, of course, the amazing Vein shoes.

The passion of the quality perfectionist is at the heart of Vein's design. At least four full-time quality checkers or mentors oversee all the main stages (initial training on each style, cutting, sewing, gluing and shaping).

If imperfections are detected at any stage of the process, they are empowered to stop production immediately to solve the problem. Other plants will continue despite the mistakes and will eliminate rejects at the end. At Vein, we simply do not release.

Leather is also rigorously tested for color, strength and consistency. Each pair of shoes is made from the same piece of leather, so they blend perfectly. The founder of Vein personally chooses the finest leathers directly from international tanneries.

The bonding of the leather is tested in hot and cold environments to ensure that the shoes withstand the extremes of summer and winter. In contrast, mass production shoes are just that, mass produced.

The end result of all the extra care and effort we take at Vein is a flawless shoe and the satisfaction and pride that comes with it.

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