Carpentry as a career

Carpentry as a career

Some people are supposed to be stockbrokers while others are bankers. If you enjoy working with your hands, you may want to consider carpentry as a career. A carpenter is someone who makes materials mainly of wood. It cuts, fits and connects the pieces to form something as basic as a chair or a table.

There are two types of carpenters. The first is the residential carpenter while the second is commercial. One works in private homes while the other works on a construction site, such as an office. As he works in different places, it takes a lot of certification.

In most construction projects, contractors have more than one carpenter to do the job.

To begin with, a coarse carpenter is called in for rough carpentry work such as assembling frames, formwork, blankets and other large-scale work that does not require a polished look.

Someone doing a job similar to that of the rough carpenter is the framer. The difference between the two lies in the fact that the framer builds the skeletal structure of a building and that some of the techniques he uses may not be known to the rough carpenter, such as balloon framing, framework of platforms or timber framing.

When it's finished, another carpenter known as Joisterie comes to lay the floor joists that are the horizontal planks that connect the frame of the structure to the level just below the floor so that it can support the floor. weight. This is also used for the bridge of a building.

Once this is in place, the carpenter or finish carpenter completes the work done by both people. They work in particular on cupboards, chairs and tables.

As for doors, windows and other ornamental work, this work is done by the carpenter.

The roofer specializes in the construction of the roof taking care of the beams, rafters and farms.

But carpenters do not just work on construction sites. Some find work in the entertainment industry as members of the stage crew when a film or television show is produced. Their job is to set the scene and then dismantle it at the end of the show. Other carpenters may also find work in the construction, maintenance or repair of ships.

Wherever the carpenter works, he must follow certain rules to do his job well. Before hammering, he must look at the layout and then take some measurements. This will allow him to estimate how much material will be needed and how long it will take. When the materials are ready, some of the wood is cut to the specific shape while other tools are used to increase the accuracy of its work.

Once the project is complete, he can look back and be proud of what he has done, then add it to his wallet.

You should know that a career in carpentry is quite stressful. You will have to bend, climb, kneel and do all sorts of things to get the job done. You may be injured as you may fall, slip or cut when working with sharp tools. But if you are able to overcome this problem, you will know that you have doubts about the success of your carpentry career.

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