Squeak Be Gone Remedies!

Creaky doors can be a very irritating problem.

Although many consider it a major problem, this is not the case! In fact, it's a minor problem that you can solve yourself, and here's how.

Stop, look and listen

First, you need to know where this squeaky sound comes from. You can do this by stopping, watching and listening carefully. You must first perform the swing test before buying a new door.

Start by making sure your environment is calm. Then you should stand on the side of the door in which you remember that the squeak was the loudest.

When you are already in position, rotate the door slowly to cover the entire arc. Do this action several times and try to vary the speed by doing it.

While swinging the door, you should take note of some factors. Try to note exactly where the squeaks come from. Then try to note when it's the loudest. See if the noise is louder when you rotate the door quickly or slowly.

Finally, find out why squeaks happen exactly. Find out why is a very important factor because it dictates what remedy you should use.

Two general remedies

Once you have determined where the squeaks are, you can do two general remedies. First, tighten all the screws in the hinges. Then get a flat head screwdriver.

Carefully tap its blade between the hinge body and the hinge head to separate them.

After that, get a 3-in-1 sewing machine oil and pour a few drops into the small space between the pinhead and the hinge body. If you do not have sewing machine oil, you can also use a WD-40 and spray in the same space.

By applying a little lubricant to the gap, you allow the lubricant to seep into the remaining length of the pin, which is inside the hinge body. This gives you the best lubrication coverage you can give to the hinge.

This would usually solve your grumpy problems - if you had accurately determined the source. However, if you identify the wrong source, it is likely that your squeak persists.

All hope is not lost

If you have identified the wrong source of squeak, then do not worry! At this point you have determined that the hinges are not the problem. Then, it is very likely a problem of grinding wood on wood.

To solve this type of squeak, you would have to redo the squeak test. After that, you have to loosen the binding, as the problem may be the hinge binding to the wood. While performing the swing test, take into account that the hinge side of the door is installed in the door jamb.

Also note how it makes a last contact with your door stop.

It is at this moment that to stop, to look and to listen would not be enough, because it would be necessary to use the touch. If you feel that the feeling is elastic, when the door is almost in the closed position, it is likely that it is related to the hinge. This may be the cause of squeaking since the door is forced to rub with the material of the jamb. To repair this type of problem, you must remove the door by removing the screws on the side of the hinge jamb and leaving the hinges intact with the door itself. Then you have to dig hinge recesses in the direction of the body of the hinge. Then reinstall the door and perform the rotation test again.

If that does not solve your problem, try cutting out more recess. It can be a trial and error process.

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