Energy efficient heating on your patio

If you live in a cold place, the heating of your terrace and your terrace becomes a major concern. After all, you do not just want to spend time on your terrace during the summer months.

What are your options for heating your patio, especially if you are concerned about your energy consumption?

old options

In the past, most people chose to heat their patios with traditional gas or propane heaters.

While these heaters were relatively inexpensive at first - about $ 200 each - their costs can add up very quickly.

The actual cost of propane heaters is propane. You can expect to pay between $ 5 and $ 8 worth of propane for each hour of use of a propane heater to warm your deck.

If you like spending time on your terrace, this cost can quickly be a huge amount.

In addition, propane is not sustainable. Propane is a natural gas, and every dollar you spend on propane is another dollar for drilling, refineries, and mills.

What are the other options?

Installing an electric heater is one of the best options available today. These heaters are both energy and economic. Instead of spending a lot of money on propane, you only spend a little energy.

You can choose from many types of radiators. You can choose both radiators and directional radiators. You can choose heaters designed to heat a large area or a smaller heater for one or two people.

For safety reasons, these heaters must be installed one meter above the floor of the terrace. Be sure to take this into consideration when designing and building your deck.

The disadvantage of these heaters is the high installation and the unit cost. An electric heater is considerably more complex than a propane heater, which simply has to deliver gas. As a result, electric heaters can be a bit more expensive.

In addition, electric heaters must be installed by a professional. There are strict safety standards that must be respected. It's not as easy as plugging the heater into a socket.

In the end, the cost-effectiveness really depends on how often your patio is used. If you use your deck only once in a blue moon, it may be less expensive and even more environmentally conscious to simply use a propane heater.

On the other hand, if you like to use your terrace more than once a week, it will cost you a lot less to install an electric heater. Of course, it costs more initially, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. You will also use a lot less natural resources by opting for electricity.

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