Electrician's Guide to Stay Healthy at Work

Electrician's Guide to Stay Healthy at Work

The most common injuries among electricians include back, knees, fingers and hands. An electrician can do certain things at work that can cause pain and discomfort in those areas of his body. Some of these things that can cause pain are: working at very hot or very cold temperatures, holding in the same position for long periods, holding vibrating tools, constant pressure of a hard surface on the body , constant movement of the body against twisting, stooping and reaching and using force on your body to perform any task.

An electrician must perform stretching exercises before going to work to relieve stress on his body and muscles. This can help an electrician reduce stress on his body and preserve the muscles and joints of his wounds. If you have pain or are uncomfortable at work. You must stop and change the way you work or your tools. You may experience some of the following symptoms, such as tiredness, weakness, loss of energy, swelling, numbness, tingling, and burning pains. These symptoms usually appear in the back, arms, shoulders, knees, hands, fingers, and neck.

If you experience any of these symptoms, please inform your supervisor immediately. Follow the injury program of the companies they have. Try to determine what is causing the problem and ways to avoid it. Look for different and better ways to do your job. If you do nothing to help, your symptoms may get worse over time, forcing you to lose work. And sometimes prevents you from working at all.

An electrician must try to use safe work practices while working. Constant movement of the hand can cause pain and sometimes permanent injury. This could prevent you from using your hands for any type of work if it becomes really painful. Where possible, it is best to use hand tools and power tools to do the work. Hold your tools close to your body to avoid fatigue and make work easier. Back injuries can be another problem for electricians. Lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying heavy loads can cause serious back injuries. Teamwork and mechanical objects will help prevent back injuries. In addition, paying more attention to how you lift, pull and push items can also help reduce the risk of back injury.

An electrician must constantly bend to do his job. It is difficult to keep good posture during work and can be very tiring. Try to use lighter tools and as many hand tools as possible. Stand as straight as you can during work. For your convenience, wear a tool belt and carry only the tools you will need for each job. Wear appropriate gloves, knee pads and eyeglasses at work. Try to find tools that fit your hands. Buy tools with good adhesion. Keep the area in which you work clean and free of debris so that you do not fall or stumble. Get up, move and reposition your body often. It is not good to be stuck in a position for long periods.

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