How to install a replacement parquet board

How to install a replacement parquet board

If a particular plank of your hardwood floor is irreparable, your best option would be to replace the board with a new one. At first, you may think that replacing floorboards is a job for professionals. In fact, laying a floor is actually something you can do yourself, with the right tools and the right instructions.

There are hardware stores that sell bundles for hardwood floor replacement projects. They even come with step by step instructions to help even the most inexperienced layers of the soil understand and follow. So when your board needs to be relayed, do not worry. Instructions on how to install replacement boards are here.

1) Remove the damaged area from any nails embedded in it. To do this, place a set of nails on the nail and push it as far as possible with a hammer. The goal is to prevent the hammer from hitting the wood and causing other damage.

2) Once the nails are removed, remove the damaged plank with a chisel to extract the affected area. The absence of nails should facilitate this process, but you must be careful not to spoil the adjacent planks.

3) Prepare your replacement board and try to see if it fits perfectly to the empty space. If it's too big, you'll have to make the necessary adjustments.

4) Flip the replacement panel and put a construction adhesive. This will allow the board to stick to the subfloor.

5) Press the board in place and make sure it is in the correct position. When you have finally decided on its location, you must drive 2-inch nails to secure it. Use a set of nails to push the nail heads a little below the surface so they do not point.

6) Sand the surface to even out the surface and apply a finish that matches the rest of the hardwood floor.

You now know how to install a replacement panel for hardwood flooring without the need for professional help.

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