Reduce heating costs with these tips

Reduce heating costs with these tips

When you live in an area where the house needs heat during the winter months, you may find that it is an expensive expense. This can certainly reduce a large part of your winter budget. You may be paying twice as much for heating your home as a few years ago. However, you can significantly reduce your heating costs by using these tips.

  • You should do an energy audit of your home and identify where your heat escapes from your home. You should check around doors, windows and other fireplaces to see if you can feel a draft. You can use caulk, weather stripping, door brushes, plastic and any other suitable means to seal these leaks. If your house is not properly sealed, you will have problems.

  • Do not heat areas of your home that you do not use regularly, such as guest rooms and unused rooms. You can activate the thermostats in these areas and close the doors to reduce heating costs.

  • Reduce the heating and use heaters to heat the room in which you spend the most time. This is a great way to reduce your heating costs. If your furnaces are new and code-compliant, you should have no problem using them and it will be much easier for you to reduce your heating bills.

  • Do not turn your thermostat above a comfortable set temperature in your home. You should keep it at a constant heat and wear more clothes if you are cold. You can actually lower the heating at night when you sleep because you will have your bedspreads to keep you warm.

  • Think of a programmable thermostat to increase and decrease the temperature at certain times of the day. You can do this when you are not at home and you will not have to worry about overheating your home when you are not home.

  • If your water heater is in an unheated space, you can wrap it in insulation to prevent heat loss. This is something you can find in almost any type of home improvement store.

  • Wash your clothes in cold water as much as possible. This will save you on your heating bill too.

  • In winter, open your blinds to let the hot sun filter. This will help keep the room on the sunny side or the south side warmer. You can close them when the sun goes down to prevent the cool breeze from entering.

Enjoy your savings by using these easy tips!

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