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In recent decades, home automation is seen as an elite trend. Today, the need for home automation is very common. Home automation companies are simple terms that define something that gives homeowners an automatic or remote control operation on their home electronics. Controlling also means interfacing these electronic systems with your laptop or mobile phone. You can control simple things like security systems, lights, or other devices. It's all about smart innovation.

There are benefits for which people must integrate home automation into their daily activities.

  • Convenience. It provides ease and comfort on the user. Take for example; With your mobile interface system, you can cool your room before returning home, letting it cool to a specified temperature.

  • Create a sophisticated impression. Any home user would be proud to introduce such a technological breakthrough at home. Combining home security systems and controlling other systems with remote control is another aspect of home automation. Control of fans, air conditioning, lighting and more is the most important activity for homeowners.

A typical example includes reducing the brightness to create different moods or scenes. It adds elegance to the ambiance of your room by creating incredible light effects, matching the lights of your existing home. Improving your interiors is no longer a problem. You will not focus more on changing your furniture, you will simply use the dimming system to enhance the living room.

You can darken all kinds of lights such as neon lights, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. However, compact fluorescent lamps require external dimmable ballast, but lamps such as metal halides can not be attenuated. Any residential living room can adapt different functions at any time of day or night. By simply changing the light intensities, it can create a scene that makes your living room spaces beautiful. The big secret of lighting is how you control it. The lights setting can be saved or recovered automatically by pressing the right button. You can also delay its time settings to record two scenes.

Light dimming systems offer the following advantages.

  • Ambient lighting. Lighting controls can be performed to obtain the desired type of light according to the appropriate amount, thereby reducing eyestrain and preserving excessive lighting.

  • Increases the life of the lamp and saves energy. It improves the life of lighting fixtures such as incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. Lighting attenuation can help you save electricity.

  • Easy installation. Wiring and time are reduced on its facilities while saving energy. The switches of the lighting fixtures are eliminated. Qualified electricians can install light dimming systems.

  • Add to your extraordinary interiors. It improves the interiors and embellishes the space by leaving selective visuals to create beautiful effects.

  • Convenient. It is user friendly thanks to remote control or interfaced operation.

The concept of dimming seems simple to most people. But, that does not always seem like that. It's not just a wall switch replacement, so it can be more complex. Today, daylight dimming with the latest dimmable ballasts is no longer an easy task. Incandescent lamps can be attenuated when the voltages are lower. As the voltage decreases, the lumens and lamp powers decrease accordingly. The eyes of the man see a weaker or brighter light according to the proportions between the hour and the hour. This means that 240 is still the actual voltage but that its average voltage is already reduced. The gradation stages of cutting are classified into two types.

  • Forward phase switching dimming energizes the lamps only during the last part of the cycle of the half-cycle line. It is cheap and uses robust electronic components suitable for many loads.

  • The reverse phase powers the lamp during the initial part of the half-cycle line. It's more expensive because of the use of complex electronics. However, it is much better on some charges and works better by emitting a less audible sound.

The dimming principle is based on the operation of the dimmers. Generally, dimmers are thyristors or triacs. They are used for inductive or resistive loads such as cold cathode, low voltage and incandescent lamp sources. The digital or analog method can also be used to dim the lights depending on the load and application used. Light dimmers can really do wonders in your home.

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