The history of home automation inc.

No organization or company will achieve its full success without going back on its history. They can learn a lot about their past mistakes and use them to their advantage.

Home automation is a new field for most people. And there are companies that provide the world with home automation devices. Since many people find home automation devices expensive, these companies develop ways to offer reasonable prices for home automation so that customers of the middle class can afford.

Home Automation Inc. or HAI began operations in 1985. Their main purpose is to provide the market for automation products. The founders of HAI were all from the commercial sector, namely Jay McLellan, Brian Yokum and Tom Pickral. Thanks to their superior expertise, they focused their efforts on home automation.

They were able to introduce their new product in 1988, model 1503. It is intended for the protection against theft and fire, the control of appliances and lighting; it is a unique versatile product programmable for home automation.

Over the years, their annual sales have increased and they now have their own product line and their customer list has grown steadily.

From 1994 to 1999, HAI was able to offer a number of home automation product lines, including the Omni control system, the Omnistat communicating thermostat, the web link and the OmniPto control system. Jay McLellan was then president of the company and they received the Leadership Award for Home Automation in 1999.

In 2000, HAI introduced the specially designed home control system called Omni LT. They targeted the European market and their products were for townhouses, houses and apartments. There was a showcase of products in New York that year, and they received the Best New Product Award. They also received the judges' Choice Awards.

Web-link II was introduced by HAI in 2001. The software now has video capabilities via Windows multimedia technology, wireless control and access via Internet phones, PDAs, and owners receive by mail electronic preprogrammed events.

Later this year, Omni II was introduced. This year is very important for HAI, which has doubled the size of its warehouses and warehouses and strengthened its sales force.

In 2002, OmniPro II was released and replaces the first OmniPro. It was included in the best products of the same year, according to a magazine, Electronic House. Web-link II is now able to record video and its Omni accessories have been expanded due to the arrival of new sensors, controllers and mounting plates.

2003 was the launch year of OmniTouch. He used the touch screen interface and is very economical; and has received numerous awards, including the CES Innovations Award and the Achievement Award (SIA). It was considered as one of the products having a significant impact on the market.

This year HAI has signed an agreement with CompUSA and their product line has been included in CompUSA's resale program.

In 2004, new products were introduced again. They proposed backlit "cold blue" consoles and Windows software to control the Omni family. McLellan once again received an award as one of the top 10 most influential leaders in the industry. They also received the ADEX Design Excellence Award.

In 2005, the HAI manufacturing facility expanded to 51,000 square feet in New Orleans. They were able to add additional resources such as testing, training, marketing, engineering, technical support and more warehouse space.

Hurricane Katrina damaged HAI's facilities, but they quickly recovered and reopened in April 2006. This year, the company proposed an Omni IIe control system that can connect to the Ethernet port. They also updated Web-link II. HAI has extended lighting control and has shipped 1000, 1500, 2400 watts of switches.

In March 2006, they introduced Lumina control systems. The Lumina is an elegant lighting system that is very easy to install in existing or new homes. You can even choose from many accessories and options.

HAI received the "Innovator of the Year" award in New Orleans and McLellan won the Frost and Sullivan Award as CEO of the Year in Building Technologies 2006.

The company has gained a great reputation in the home automation industry. It is one of the trusted suppliers of quality home automation devices worldwide.

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