Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters

The seasons are turning and your home is being hit by the wind and rain that hit your home. Your gutters can quickly become clogged with any debris thrown into the air. You can take some steps to keep your gutters in good condition and it will not take too much time. Regular maintenance of your home is the key to keeping your gutters as new. Read on on 5 tips that will help you keep the hoof out of your gutter system.

If you are old enough to remember Grandmother's inner spring and autumn cleaning ritual, you will remember that this was happening every year. Even though it did not seem to need it. Grandma was smart and Grandpa was just as smart. Outdoor maintenance was important then, just like today. So get in the habit of cleaning these gutters before they start to grow!

Here are some tips for cleaning your gutters safely in the spring and fall. Read them and take them to heart when you climb a ladder and a roof.

Before getting on the roof, put on a tool belt with handy pockets and secure it around your waist. Check your ladder too. Make sure the rubber pads are properly glued and you do not see any bent in the frame.

Wear snug shoes and tuck shoelaces in the shoe before climbing. Wear and carry with you an extra pair of gloves that are snug but not too tight.

It is advisable to have someone on the ground with you to ride. In case of accident, or even if you only need a few tools, it is good to have an extra pair of hands.

Before starting to climb on the roof, plug in your hose and check for leaks in the pipe. You want to make sure that the water pressure in the pipe is complete so you can clean your gutters effectively. Also be sure to add extensions so that your water hose reaches all the gutters in the house. Having a person on the ground is convenient with the pipe here because the knots and twists will limit the water pressure when moving the roof pipe.

On your modified toolbelt, you will need tools to clean your gutters. Take a look at these to see what you will need.

Trowel. Use your trowel to remove mud from your gutter.

Bucket. If there is excess mud, collect it in the bucket and lower it or throw it away.

Metal hanger. Straighten a metal hook and use it to stuff debris into the downspout if it is clogged.

Salad tongs. This can be used to clean the connection called Outlook, or as some call it the gooseneck. This extra piece is connected to the top of the gutter at the downspout. It is often clogged with leaves and a salad tongs will pull out the mud.

Cloth. Take two or three of them. Muddy, slippery hands could cause an accident.

Now that you know how to clean your gutters safely and what tools you will need to clean them, let's take a look at 5 ways to prevent clogging of your gutters.

Clean regularly. Clean your gutters each spring and fall. When this is done regularly, sometimes you just need to pass a powerful spray nozzle through the gutters and downspouts.

Install the wire mesh. Wire mesh will prevent most large debris from entering your gutter and causing clogs. You can find kits at most hardware stores. Use the right mesh to prevent debris from entering.

Adjust the gutters. Gutters should be checked for the correct pitch to them. Without proper pitch, gutters will clog and capture more leaves and other types of debris.

Coating and seal. Apply a layer on the inside to help remove debris from your gutters. A good coating will also prevent rust and damage to your dashboard.

Flush Fixture. There are new products on the market that attach underneath and above the panel that will collect debris, but the water will flow smoothly and will eventually push the debris through the spout.

Take care of your gutters and they will last a lifetime. This is worth the extra time and effort needed.

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