Concrete Slab vs. Pier System - What is the best foundation?

Pier Systems can add more foundations than concrete slabs. They also add extra support without damaging the internal structure of your home.

The signs that your home needs to be stabilized are:

Horizontal cracks in the walls

No cracks in block or brick foundations

Uneven floors, windows or doors do not work properly

A battery system used is called a helical stack system. It includes the following installation steps:

A torque anchor is screwed into the stable basement. This is done until the torque indicates that the required load capacity has been reached.

Adjustable brackets are then attached to the foundation walls. These supports are connected to the dowels. The anchors are connected to the foundation.

The weight of the house moves towards the anchors. This prevents further movement as the walls and foundation floors are preserved.

This system contrasts with other foundation reinforcement methods that use the weight of the house to force pipes into the ground. Other methods tend to have a negative impact on walkways and landscaping.

Another helical pillar system uses principles similar to those of the foundation system with the dynamometric anchors described above. One of the only different ones has a weaving pipe system. This intertwined pipe system creates additional strength for the foundation, even more than the above pillar system.

A third type of jetty system is the so-called Magnum steel thrust method. Each unit looks like something that is a cross between a pogo stick and a shock absorber for a car. The only difference is that this Magnum steel system can hold more than 30 tons. It's one of the best support systems ever designed. This hydraulically powered steel thrust system is quite easy to install. It is worth it because it is certain that it will prevent a house from sinking.

Another very effective token system is the disaster-resistant token system. It helps to maintain a home in the event of an earthquake. He also anchors the house during high winds, frost heaves and floods. This system consists of robust elements connecting to a slab, level beams or a network of pads. A secondary system called seismic isolator works in conjunction with the seismic system. This prevents the house from falling too low on the floor. The collaboration of these two systems is very profitable and also saves lives.

All of the above mentioned battery systems are much more efficient than a concrete slab system. The different is in the anchors. The only elements on which a concrete slab rests are posts and foundation walls. It offers very little support and the weight of the house moves.

Again, as mentioned earlier, cracks in floors, walls or ceilings are signs that a home needs a more stable foundation. On the contrary, battery systems provide extra support at home without damaging the floor, walls or ceilings.

It's up to you to decide which system is the best. The concrete slab system is one of the pillar systems. However, if you know the concrete slab systems, you will know that it consists of posts and support beams. In addition, it does not offer the same anchorage and support as the battery systems. Many houses were sunk or torn during various disasters such as an earthquake or a tornado.

Not only that, but even in good weather, houses on concrete slabs sank. This only happens after a long time if there is no disaster that strikes. However, imagine if you could live to see what a house on a concrete foundation would look like in a hundred years. Most likely, it does not withstand one of the most modern jet systems.

Not only that, but the house with the concrete slab is more likely to be doomed, compared to the house with one of the many available jet systems.

Therefore, you should consider the benefits of a jetty system and consider the possibility of installing it to protect your family and your home, as well as your future. It's up to you to discover the truth for yourself. Your life and that of your family depends on it.

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