Ways to hide this wooden paneling in your home

Ways to hide this wooden paneling in your home

You hate old panels in your house and it's too expensive to replace them, but you can not live without them. In fact, it's so bad that it makes you feel bad and you really thought about selling the house just to get out of it. Do not despair, you are not alone with this ugly wood paneling; there are a million others who also live with her. There are some repair tips you can do to get rid of ugly wall panels in your home. Take the time to learn about the steps you need to take to solve your wallboard dilemma.

The list below presents just a few of the ideas you can use to brighten up your dismal 1970s wall panel situation. Prepare for elbow grease, but it will be better than looking at the wall panels.

Paint the paneling. The number one rule to remember with the paint boards is that you simply can not apply paint on it and expect it to look professional. If you do, it will look sticky. The paint flows and the panels are visible as they absorb the paint, which could also cause yellow streaks in the paint. The preparation of the surface is the key to all the paneling of your home. Start with a good cleaner that will degrease the mud and build up on the panels. You will need a solvent after applying the degreasing solution on the panels.

Never apply gloss remover on large areas. Rub the area in the direction of the wood grain on smaller sections. Let stand about 30 min. then apply the primer. Do not attempt to remove the polish remover. This will have to stay. Then apply the primer to the frame areas and skirting boards. If the wood panels are visible after the first coat, let them dry and return them with a second coat.

If you do not do this, it will go through your usual painting and your efforts will be in vain. Continue applying the solvent on small sections and prime until you have finished. Let dry overnight, then add the caulking into the unsightly grooves of the paneling. Remove the excess with a putty knife. Let dry completely overnight. You are then ready to start painting your first coat of paint. Allow to dry according to the instructions then apply a second coat.

Paint wallpaper. In some of the best wallpaper shops you can find wallpaper that can be painted. This will give the appearance of a painted wall. It's a wonderful idea to be able to choose the color you want and get rid of these wooden paneling. You can also add other colors to give it a 3D effect. Start by cleaning with a good degreaser and let it dry. After drying, fill each groove with a caulk to remove the edges of the wall panels. Clean excess caulking with a putty knife and discard it. This is necessary because your lining and your wallpaper will not have a firm surface to stick to.

Then buy a good primer from your local hardware store and prime all the panels. An extra step is needed when laying walls by applying and sizing them. It is sticky and will keep the wallpaper glued to the panels. Hang your wallpaper according to the instructions. You will need to soak the paper in water, then hang in a few minutes. You are then ready to paint your wallpaper with your favorite color (s). Take note of the special instructions for painting the wallpaper provided by the paint manufacturer.

Glazing wood paneling. You can also add a nice shine to your panels by chilling them. Start by cleaning the panels with a degreaser. Then add a color that you like and paint it. Let dry overnight. Second, mix a glossy top color with a glaze in the right proportions. Read the instructions with your paints for a proper mix. Paint on small sections of the paneling, preferably one or two sections at a time. Depending on the gloss you want, remove excess varnish with a clean cloth. Once finished, always clean your brush with mineral oil and let it drive all night before storing it for future projects.

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