All you need to know about pool pump problems

Your pool filter and pool pump are crucial to the overall health of your pool. Together they allow water to circulate in your pool, preventing the build-up of bacteria and algae. If the pump does not work properly or if the filter does not work properly, your pool will quickly become the breeding ground for all kinds of unwanted organisms.

Here are some of the most common pool and pump filter problems you encounter frequently.

the pump does not pump

This is a common phenomenon that could be caused by a lot of different things.

A common problem is that your skimmer basket could be clogged. Emptying your skimmer may be all you need to get your pool running again.

If it's not the dirty skimmer, you'll have to check just about everything in your pump system. It is possible that water does not enter the filter basket properly. It is also possible that your pump basket has been damaged, allowing dust or other debris from outside to enter the pump system. This can cause jams, which makes it difficult to move the turbine.

If you can not properly diagnose why the pump is not working, you may need a repairer.

the pump is leaking water

This is usually an easy problem to solve. The most common cause of this problem is that the thread of the fitting decreases with time. Repacking is very inexpensive, easy and can be done in about 45 minutes.

It is also possible that your mechanical seal is damaged. Again, replacement is easy, inexpensive and takes about 45 minutes.

the motor turns on and off at random

If your engine turns on and off by itself, it probably means that your engine is overheating. Engines have internal systems that stop whenever things overheat.

If your engines are old and it starts to turn on and off by itself, it means it's time to replace your engines. If your engines are new, it is usually an electrical problem. If the voltage is too low, it generates more heat.

Also make sure nothing is obstructing the air vents of the pump.


If your motors are making scratching or groans, then chances are you need to replace your bearings. Unlike a door hinge, you can't just apply lube or grease; the bearings have to actually be replaced.

Fortunately, this procedure is relatively inexpensive and typically costs less than $ 150 for labor and parts.

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