Find the best hot tub

Find the best hot tub

To find the best whirlpool for you, start by figuring out exactly what you need before going to talk to anyone. Do you want an indoor or outdoor hot tub? Do you want an octagonal spa, an oval, a circle? Do you want it to be marble?

If you are unsure of these things - and even if you are - you will probably need the help of a salesperson to understand the technical details. That is, what kind of machines, which brand is the most reliable, etc. To know that you are really looking for the best spa (and not just for buying the excess stock of the seller), you need to know everything about the spa dealer. Do your research. Find out if they are trustworthy talking to previous customers. How long have they been in business? Have they changed the name of their company recently? Try different dealers and see which one is right for you or ask the manager to help you.

Take notes on some of the different spas that are suggested to you to compare and contrast their attributes. Some things to include in your notes are:



number of users

Number of jets

Number of air injectors


Delivery included?

Spa cover included?

Accessories or services included?

Duration of the guarantee and what it covers

If the store is affiliated with or has a service center

Do not forget to do a "wet test" or test before you buy! You will not know if this suits you until you try.

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