The Ultimate Extravagate Hot Tub

Imagine that you received a sum of money that would give you all the luxury that the world has to offer; Now think about what you would do to design a spa / spa.

Just for fun, what extravagant options would you make in this dream of a whirlpool? Manufacturers now offer so many options that your choices are almost limitless. Would you like to go with a model in the ground or with a bridge?

The design of a spa always begins with a question. How will I use it? Who will spend time there? How many people should I expect at a time and would I like to have the room? Okay, so you expect to enjoy the world's largest whirlpool, seating up to 10 people! You equip the device with as many massage jets as possible, a few reclining seats, a few seats where you sit upright, where jets force air and water to rise to the bottom of the spa to do a job; keep your feet happy.

Do you need to build a structure to house this extravagant spa? Will you have the walls without any obstruction so that the air can flow freely through it? Will you have walls, doors and windows for privacy? Again, the choices are incredible right now, for the options available to the buyer and / or the spa owner.

One of my favorite options available for today's extravagant spas is the use of LED and light screens. In-camera cascades are illuminated by color change functions that can change color to the beat of the music, if you wish. Some of these extravagant upscale spas come with stereo systems and surround sound that most of us do not have at home.

What about movies? Is it a dream for you, as for me to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub while watching a movie? It can be a movie you've seen a thousand times, or for the first time. There could even be an attachment to the TV, where you can watch your favorite programs and relax in the hot tub at the same time.

One of my favorite options is where there is a remote control device, so you can check and adjust the temperature of the outdoor spa before going out in adverse weather conditions. Capture it; you are in your cabin heated by the fire in the mountains and there is snow on the ground. Earlier in the day, you've cleared a path that leads from the back door to the hot tub and you decide it's time to go to the spa to relax a bit. Do you go out in the snow hoping that the temperature in the tub will be hot enough to enter?

And if you walk outside, with a bathrobe and warm slippers, you will find that the radiator is not working and you have to go inside as quickly as possible? This kind of thing should never happen with the most extravagant spas; Just count on your remote control to check the temperature in advance, adjust the heating if necessary and head to a unique experience, sitting under the stars, a snowy night and enjoy your spa.

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