What not to bring to a hot tub

What not to bring to a hot tub

If you've been paying attention, in recent years, you've probably heard about the wonderful health benefits of time spent in a hot tub. There are benefits for those who suffer from arthritis, obesity and for those with balance problems due to a stroke, etc. Although it seems like everything is going on in a spa, there are certain things that should never end up in the tub because of its ability to ruin all the benefits you might feel.

The first element is not something that should NEVER be brought into a spa, but it is something that should be monitored and restricted and that is alcohol. When someone sits in a spa and consumes alcohol, his sweat is replaced not by water but by alcohol and the effects can be devastating if not monitored closely. Many accidents were reported because people were in a hot tub, stayed longer than recommended, drank alcohol, and lost consciousness. Fainting or falling asleep in a spa is not as difficult as you think; In fact, it's pretty easy and if you fall asleep in a whirlpool, it's in your best interest to keep a cool head if this kind of thing happens.

If you are going to have alcohol in the hot tub, do yourself a favor and do not use glass. Use plastic cups and you will avoid a lot of anxiety and headaches if you fall and break. At least with a plastic cup, there will be no bursts to worry about.

This may seem obvious, but it is worth saying: it is not advisable to have electronic devices near the spa. Let's face it, electricity and water do not mix well and fatal consequences could occur if something plugged into the water. Avoid the tragedy as a whole and use only dough objects, if any.

If you bring another common item that you mix with a hot tub, especially with hydrotherapy jets, this is another big mess. bubble bath. A few spoonfuls are enough to cause a serious overflow of the sparkling wine and it can wreak havoc long after it has been cleaned. The foam bath on the wood creates a very slippery surface and a slippery surface near the water can be a hazard with little effort. Because of the design of an aboveground spa, there may be hard edges that could cause significant damage if someone slipped and fell inside.

In order to enjoy the benefits of a whirlpool, it is important to know what NOT to bring in the bathtub and why they are dangerous. Do not learn the hard way.

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