Spa improvements over the years

Spas have come a long way in 30 years. What was once limited in size and shape has now become able to adapt to all tastes and senses of the decor. The era of a small bathtub with a wooden skirt and a round shape is gone, and sizes and shapes of all the imagination can result.

A practical obstacle taken into account is the ease of access to the filters. These were previously more difficult to access and were therefore less likely to be cleaned, but now, due to improvements to the latest spa models, these filters are easily accessible and allow for much easier maintenance of the filters. . the filters. When the filters are not watered regularly, they become clogged and the water entering the spa becomes dirty.

There is also a wide range of colors and styles. The inside of the bathtub can be blue, white, brown, pink brown or gray and the outside of the bathtub can be made of a material containing microbiological agents that will not allow harmful bacteria to adhere to it, which will keep your spa much safer and germ free. The outer skirts of a hot tub are almost completely gone from wood to a simulated plastic wood that is more durable than its predecessor and requires little or no maintenance.

Another improvement made to today's spas is that each of them can be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual without too much work. There are the number of seats to select, the configuration of seats, the number of jets that will accompany each seat. In some cases, a seat can be specially molded to accommodate one person. It is specially designed for this person and the jets are placed in strategic places to offer the best comfort and relaxation.

Today, there are solar heated hot tubs that can really reduce the costs and energy needed to maintain a regulated and constant temperature. For some people, the simple fact that there is an ecological or ecological option makes the spa more attractive to them. This is a clear improvement over the spa models of 30 years ago.

Some models have the ability to contain aromatherapy essential oils and, while relaxing in the spa's heat, a person can add to this relaxation a scent of lavender, ylang ylang or sandalwood. Adding aromatherapy to a spa will simply increase the effect.

There are bells and whistles that can be added today to spas that were never imagined 30 years ago; some units have their own stand-alone stereo system with surround sound, while others offer TVs, VCRs and / or DVD players. My favorite personal embellishment for today's spa is the addition of a waterfall and / or the use of changing color lights.

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