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The garage is this place where we all seem to like being disorganized. However, the sooner you get organized, the sooner you can make better use of this space. Organizing your garage can be a tedious task for many homeowners.

When thinking about organizing your garage, you should keep in mind that this activity involves finding a designated place for everything, while keeping your belongings available for everyday use. The following five steps compromise a simple garage organization system.

Sort your garage objects.

Start by sorting and sorting all the items in your garage. For this, you must empty your garage and start categorizing everything. Separate tools from sports equipment, power tools, etc.

You will realize how many things you have and only then will you be able to determine the best ways to organize and store everything. Items lost in your garage must be returned to their place.

Also, you should sort out things that should be in the garage of those that should actually be in the basement, attic or better, sold in a garage sale. Do not forget to recycle everything you decide to throw away.

Separate seasonal items and equipment.

A special rack must be installed to suspend lawn care tools and keep them accessible while preventing them from moving around.

If winter is coming, place snow-related tools such as snowblowers, ice scrapers, snow shovels, skis, snowboards and sleds. Items for warm seasons should also be stored in a special cabinet.

At the beginning of each season, schedule this activity and rotate the hot and cold items in the cabinet. For other sports equipment, shelves and drawers must be designed.

Shelves and additional cabinets.

When organizing, you should consider adding storage space in the garage to help you maintain the organization.

Shelves and cabinets should be mounted on the walls. The basic principle is to store the items you use regularly so that they are accessible at all times.

Create an effective workspace.

The installation of a bench or a table would be a good choice if you use your garage as a workshop. A sturdy toolbox and a perforated panel are perfect for storing your tools and keeping them easily accessible.

Move garbage cans and recycling bins near the garage.

To easily remove unwanted items from your garage, it's a good idea to move garbage cans and recycling bins near the entrance to your garage. This way, you will not be tempted to keep some items because the bins are too far away.

Now is the time to hire a handyman to install cabinets, cabinets and shelves directly into your garage. Invest in the good storage units described above and start organizing, sorting and storing.

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