Kenmore humidifiers

Kenmore humidifiers

Kenmore has been making washers and dryers for Sears since 1927. With 90 years of experience, Kenmore has become a household name. Today, nearly one in three American households contains a Kenmore appliance.

Kenmore offers a wide variety of humidifiers with a capacity ranging from 8 to 12 gallons. The price of Kenmore humidifiers is between $ 89.99 and $ 149.99. The capacity is calculated on the amount of water used over a 24-hour period.

The Kenmore 8-Gallon Humidifier is suitable for up to 1700 square feet. Features include a digital LED display that shows actual humidity readings. Users can choose from humidity increments ranging from 5 to 65%. When the humidity level is reached, the unit turns off automatically.

The Kenmore 10 gallon humidifier is suitable for a surface area of ​​up to 2100 square feet. Features include an easy-fill water bottle on the side that fits most standard faucets; eliminating the need for a filler pipe. Users can choose from three ventilation speeds.

The Kenmore 12-Gallon Humidifier is suitable for surfaces up to 2500 square feet. It is an autonomous unit that can be placed in a corner or behind a piece of furniture. Users must use a bucket or pitcher to fill the water tank of the unit.

Kenmore offers quiet comfort; a bacterial solution that controls the accumulation of bacteria and algae in the water tanks of evaporative humidifiers.

All Kenmore humidifiers include a humidistat control, which controls the humidity levels and turns off the humidifier when the desired level is reached.

Kenmore humidifiers use flow filters to maximize the flow of humidified air. These filters use a honeycomb construction that helps retain water minerals and air pollutants and prevent their release into the air or their accumulation in the tank.

It is important to note that overhumidification can lead to mold and bacteria. When outside temperatures drop, this can cause condensation of the inner window. Be sure to reduce the humidity when outside temperatures drop.

Kenmore humidifiers are available at most Sears department stores and K-mart retail centers.

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