Financial incentives for using solar energy in your home

It is undeniable that energy prices are skyrocketing. Take a look at your electricity bill. The good news is that using solar energy saves your bank account, especially with new incentives.

Personal tax credit and deductions

If something is more serious than exploding, it's your tax bill. New and established government programs allow you to attack both by using solar energy. The first method is simply to save money on taxes. If you install a solar energy system in your home, the federal government will give you a tax credit of up to $ 2,000. Tax credits reduce your tax payable, dollar for dollar, as opposed to deductions that are subtracted from your gross income. A majority of states also offer tax credits that you can use to pay your taxes. Each state treats the issue differently, but you can expect to get credit for a percentage of your installation cost or a fixed amount.

Net measurement

Net metering is a concept that has led to a boom in sales in the solar energy sector. Net metering refers to state laws that require utilities to purchase the electricity generated by your residential solar system at the same price that utilities would otherwise charge for electricity. In fact, the net metering allows you to use the utility company as a battery. While you are at work during the day, your solar system sends energy to the utility and your energy meter actually works upside down. When you come home at night and use the power, the energy meter moves forward. Overall, net billing will reduce or completely eliminate your utility bill. With a 40-year lifespan for solar panel systems, think about what you'll save! While a majority of states have net billing laws, this is not the case for everyone. Make sure to check if yours does.

Property tax incentives

Property taxes. How we all hate paying property taxes. Many states now provide exemptions, exclusions or credits for solar homes. Each state treats this problem differently, so look at the potential savings.

Delivery programs

To promote solar energy, rebate programs are offered to homeowners by states and utilities. Again, the characteristics of these programs vary enormously, but generally come in the form of rebates ranging from a few hundred dollars to $ 4,000 or more.

With your utility bills soaring, it's time to consider what you can do to save money. The economic benefits of using solar power have never been so good, so now is the time to convert.

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