Tips for the winter of your holiday home

Tips for the winter of your holiday home

Wintering your holiday home is essentially about closing it in time for the winter. Closing it, however, is not as easy as it sounds. You have to do it meticulously, otherwise you will go home to a place where there are broken pipes, rodents and a number of damages after the winter season. Although it is a tedious task, you can manage your holiday home in the winter if you follow some tips.

Clear the gutters and the surroundings of your vacation home.

Remove all leaves and other debris from the gutters so that snow and ice can flow freely and do not create ice dams in the structure. You can cover your gutters with a screen if leaves and other debris are a problem during your absence. Next, prune trees and plants that can cause property damage in snowstorms and winds. Then clean your lawn. Thus, when the ice and the water accumulate, no rodent will stay there. Also cover your chimney with a protective cap and other possible entry points to prevent rodents, pests and foreign objects from entering the chimney.

Stop the water system.

Never leave the holiday home without turning off the water pump, otherwise water trapped in the pipes may freeze and the pipes will break and break. Now, once you have stopped the pump, drain the water lines. To do this, open the faucets until all the residual water comes out. Use a compressor to make sure there is no water left in the lines.

Winterize the toilet.

Empty the toilet tank to prevent cracks. The bowl, on the other hand, should be drained by evacuating as much water as possible. Add the antifreeze solution to the rest of the water to prevent it from freezing. Antifreeze solution must also be added to sinks and shower traps.

Isolate the house.

Install insulation in the attic to prevent heat loss. The same thing should be done in the basement so as not to cause broken pipes.

Declutter your house.

Eliminate all products, such as drugs, cosmetics, beverages and food products, that can rot and freeze during the winter months. You can arrange them or bring them to your main house. Your refrigerator must also be unplugged, emptied, cleaned and kept open throughout the winter to prevent the growth of mold and unpleasant odors. All other devices must also be unplugged.

Keep furniture and outdoor appliances indoors.

To prevent winter damage, all outdoor furniture and equipment, from barbecued stools, must be kept indoors. The tools must also be stored in the garage. If it is impossible to keep them indoors, cover them with protective sheets, such as plastic.

Turn on the heating system.

Some homeowners prefer to turn it off, while others prefer to keep their heating system running. It works best for them, especially if they are afraid to return to a mold-infested vacation home. If you prefer to keep the heating system running, maintain a minimum heat of 62 ° F. This way, you can continue to winter your holiday home while you are away.

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