The differences and similarities of a solarium and a solarium

If you are looking for a complement at the back of your house to let in the sunlight and the great outdoors, a solarium or solarium are smart choices.

You must know some similarities and differences before making your final decision. By knowing a little about them, you are all the more informed.


solariums are typically built with walls of glass from the floor to the ceiling with an enclosed rooftop. solariums also offer the option of screens for the window portions of the walls. The screens are easily replaced with storm windows for colder weather.

solariums are usually attached to the back of the house overlooking a pool or a garden.

These types of additions are usually isolated for use throughout the year as seasonal plays or any time.

solariums are easily built on to your home as an add-on, and maintenance is fairly easy.


The most important distinction between solariums and solariums is the fact that a solarium is surrounded by glass on all sides, as well as on the roof. The canopy of a solarium allows a complete view and an atmosphere of nature at any time.

Having a view of the sky is an added bonus in reselling your home, as this will attract more buyers as a point of sale and will more than likely bring increased resale value. However, you will pay more for a solarium than for a veranda.

The maintenance on the roof of a solarium is however extremely difficult. Another disadvantage is that a solarium does not maintain the temperature during seasonal changes or even in summer. The heat of the sun can become uncomfortable in hot weather.

A conservatory can be more profitable than a solarium, but a solarium could bring in more money for resale. A solarium is not as efficient as the veranda all year round, but a solarium is not as easy to attach to the back of a house as a sunroom. Solariums are also used as stand-alone rooms or as greenhouses because of the difficulty of building an adjoining house.

Knowing these few differences and similarities will hopefully make your purchase easier. Whatever you decide, improving your home with a solarium or porch is a great idea.

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