How to install a metal roof?

How to install a metal roof?

Let's start with a simple rule for people who want to install a metal roof. If you can not easily walk on the roof because it is too steep, call a professional. Now that the rule is out of date, if you have a building that needs a metal roof but can not afford what the professionals have done, here's how to fix it.

The right tools are needed. These include a tape measure, a chalk line with lots of chalk, a good drill, a good extension ladder and a good ladder, ½ pound roof nails, nails and screws.

Measure the height of the roof and add the desired overhang, usually two to four inches. Take several measures keeping in mind the mantra of the practical man "measure twice, cut once". Now, measure the length and height of the roof on both sides to determine the amount of metal edge needed. Take these steps to the chosen hedging company. They will tell you how much roofing is needed. Keep in mind that an unblocked air flow of 3 to 6 inches is needed between layers.

Although it is not necessary to remove the old roof before laying a metal roof, it is better. Remove old shingles with a fork, shovel or pliers. Once this is done, drop a 30 pound tar paper as a base for the new roof. If there is only one layer of shingles on the old roof, install 1 "x 4" x 1 "length pine wood planks screwed to the old shingles. Once the roof is ready, you can apply the metal roof edge.

Start placing the metal sheets up and down. Screw them into the wooden battens, using a screw every two feet on both sides of the sheet. Each sheet covers the last one. When you reach the edge, cut the last sheet of metal so as to go beyond the edge of the roof.

Once the leaves are applied to both sides of the roof, apply the metal trim along the sides of the roof. Apply it also at the top, starting with the mark in the middle to be able to fold it.

Of course, these instructions are only useful for installing the standard type of tin roof used in industrial buildings, garages and others. Other types of metal roofs require different methods of installation. But these can also be addressed by a handyman who wants to install a metal roof.

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