The Armstrong floor

As one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world, Armstrong offers a wide range of products to consumers around the world. Armstrong is a producer of quality linoleum, hardwood, tile, slabs and laminates. Armstrong employs more than 12,000 people and serves a wide range of consumers. With such a selection of products, Armstrong responds to all domestic flooring projects.

Armstrong offers a very different range of products for hardwoods. Bruce hardwoods are known for their wide selection of colors and styles, as well as for their high quality finishes. Thanks to Armstrong's revolutionary "Lock & Fold" technology, hardwood flooring can be installed easily and without glue. This allows hardwood floors to be installed "do it yourself". This can potentially save consumers thousands of dollars in professional installation costs. Armstrong hardwoods can be found in almost any species, color, shade or pattern.

Armstrong is also known for being a producer of high quality laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring can be an excellent substitute for hardwood in situations where it can suffer from excess moisture or wear. Laminate flooring can also be found in realistic hardwood models, offering both resilience and aesthetic appeal. It's a great alternative to hardwood, offering an affordable way to really add elegance to a room. Armstrong laminate flooring is equipped with the G3 wear layer, which is a trademark that protects against stains and discoloration. The laminate flooring is produced with Armstrong high-definition printing technology, giving their wood patterns a very realistic touch.

The slab is another extremely durable product proposed by Armstrong. In case of frequent wear, tiling can be an excellent alternative to parquet. Tiles will not suffer from scratches and other problems as easily as a parquet. The tiles are affordable and moisture-resistant, making them a very attractive choice in the kitchen or patio.

Armstrong offers a wide variety of vinyl flooring products, each with a unique pattern or shade. Armstrong vinyl products are resilient while offering attractive aesthetic appeal. Vinyl requires very little maintenance and does not absorb moisture. In addition, vinyl flooring can be found in almost every appearance, allowing designers to tailor their flooring to their needs. Armstrong flooring offers both durability and aesthetics at an affordable price.

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