The laminate floor

The laminate floor

Pergo flooring offers a wide range of laminate flooring, with a focus on reproducing the true feel of hardwood and tiling. With Pergo flooring, homeowners can have a beautiful floor that will not be damaged by water or abrasions. Laminate flooring is virtually maintenance free and will look beautiful for many years. The latest Pergo flooring reproduces the graining, knotting, texture and color of the real hardwood. Visitors will have trouble understanding the difference between Pergo flooring and real hardwoods or tiles.

In addition to its attractive and durable appearance, the laminate flooring is also very easy to install. With its interlocking tiles, the Pergo floor can be installed without the help of a professional. The tiles are manufactured with a tongue and groove system that allows them to fit together without glue or other industrial adhesive. Provided that a home installer has a tool to cut the tiles, the installation should not be a problem. Pergo nested flooring is also less harmful to the environment, without any of the harmful chemical adhesives that other floors have.

Home installation is easy enough for almost everyone and saves thousands of dollars in professional installation costs. Pergo floor coverings are safer and healthier without any of the chemicals found in other floor coverings. Once a Pergo floor is installed, it should last several years. Worn and damaged tiles can be removed and replaced individually. Laminate floors will not suffer the same kind of water damage and abrasion as hardwood. Hardwood will crack and warp if exposed to moisture over time. The bulging and crowning result from prolonged exposure to moisture. This moisture can come from both spills and water that drains from the subfloor, making prevention difficult.

Pergo floor coverings are also superior to carpets, offering both unmatched comfort and reliability. Carpets can absorb water and stains, making them hard to keep clean. Over time, carpets can also emit unpleasant odors that are difficult to remove. Laminate floors do not absorb any of these same odors and remain in perfect condition for years. The carpets, on the contrary, will gradually wear out and become frayed and torn. The only way to repair a worn or worn carpet is to replace it eventually, which could cost the consumer hundreds of dollars.

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