As the skin ages

As we get older, our skin becomes more fragile and the objects that we take for granted need a little more care.

The care we have given our skin when we are young and the lifestyle we lead will all affect the condition and maintenance of the skin as we age.

Older skin will burn more easily when exposed to the sun and will lack the elasticity of young skin.

This will lead to more facial lines, especially around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

The skin often becomes sensitive to the products that were previously appropriate and you will need to look for alternative products that will take into account these changes.

One of the benefits of aging is that those who were previously sensitive to eruptions will not usually live with them anymore, but there will often be something else that is so boring that will replace them.

This may take the form of drier skin and an increase in the number of broken or unsightly capillaries.

The skin will also tend to lose some of its color and become stained.

For those who have enjoyed a little too much sun in their youth, the skin may look quite tough, which is also due to the increasing dryness due to decreased blood flow and dehydration.

Age spots and broken blood vessels are other signs of age that we can all hope for and the need for good foundations is needed to cover these irregularities.

And last but not least is the effect of gravity on the skin that has become less elastic over the years.

These are not all bad news because there are many great products that can help give skin a healthy appearance at any age.

Just change the products you use to reflect these changes. The right choices can only be made by testing and choosing formulations specifically designed for your evolving skin type.

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