Botox is a popular treatment for use on the face to reduce the visible effects of aging.

It is commonly used on the upper part of the face, usually around the eyes and between the eyebrows to reduce eyebrow wrinkles.

Botox paralyzes the muscles where it is injected and thus prevents these muscles from creating visible wrinkles on the skin.

It is particularly effective when injected around the crow's feet lines that appear from the outer edges of the eyes.

Frown lines may magically disappear for a few months after injection and horizontal lines on the forehead may be removed.

Although this is only a temporary measure, most Botox treatments will work well for 3-6 months at a time.

Botox works by intercepting the messages that the brain sends to the muscles that have been injected by the nerves, preventing the muscles from reacting, allowing the skin to stay smooth and not wrinkle.

The more treatments you get, the more effective they are.

It has proved so popular that younger women receive Botox treatment before the appearance of wrinkles to reduce the risk of getting wrinkles and look older as they get older.

The earlier Botox treatment begins, the more effectively it reduces the incidence of wrinkles, which is why more younger women use it sooner rather than later.

Botox has been used safely for over twenty years in many medical applications and, although some cases have undesirable side effects, their incidence is rare.

The treatment does not always produce immediate results and may take up to a week or so before the desired results appear on the patient.

Women with particularly strong facial muscles may require additional supplemental treatment a week later if the first treatment fails to produce the desired results.

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