Clean your face

You would think we could all cleanse our faces; after all, we do it every day.

During our daily activities, we get on our face an accumulation of different impurities that can clog the pores and give us a faded complexion.

These impurities come from dirt, makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum and many other sources.

Some are due to our region and others to our way of life.

Many of us touch our faces throughout the day and many impurities on our hands are transferred to us each time we touch them.

We may be used to looking at the chin in the office or even touching our eyebrows with the fingertips when we adjust our sunglasses.

All of these actions can lead to an accumulation of dirt that can clog our pores.

For these reasons, it is important to clean our skin, and washing it at least twice a day is essential to keep the skin clean and healthy and to allow it to breathe.

You will need a skin cleanser that is right for your skin because some of them may be too harsh for people with sensitive skin.

It is best to test samples of skin cleansers after making sure that you have selected a cleanser for your skin type.

Look at the label of the cleaner and see if it is recommended for sensitive skin or if it is better for oily skin.

Sensitive skin is often drier and a cleanser for oily skin will be too hard and could cause a reaction.

By using a proper cleanser every night, you'll clean up the impurities that have accumulated during the day from your pores.

This will allow you to sleep with a clean pillow at night and not allow the accumulated dirt to create more problems for your skin.

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