Choice of cufflinks to wear everyday

Choice of cufflinks to wear everyday

Many believe that the way you choose to convey your outward appearance is a reflection of your true self. When you first meet someone, this is your opportunity to make a memorable first impression. If you dress to impress, the people around you will notice because whether or not they realize it, people often make decisions based on appearance. For a man, choosing the right cufflinks may not seem important, but these small accessories may very well be the staple that pulls the entire look together.

If you want to dress to impress, this doesn’t mean you have to wear uncomfortable shoes and a business suit every day. But, for a man who wears a suit to work, cufflinks are a must. If he dresses business casual, which may mean a khaki pant and dress shirt, cufflinks will be even more visible than when worn with a suit jacet. As a general rule, cufflinks should be made of the same color metal as the belt buckle, watch or wedding band that a man wears. If the accessories match, it will lend to the fact that this is a well dressed man who takes the time to coordinate his look.

For those situations that do not require professional dressing, but rather are more appropriate for casual wear, cufflinks can still be worn for a family reunion, a company holiday party or a first date. If you dress to impress, you're in the mood for the world.

As important as it is to dress for success, it is also important to dress for yourself. In order to know how to do this, you need to know which styles of cufflinks suit you which is appropriate for your style of dressing.

Cuff links are available in either goldtone or silvertone, but premium designs are also available in genuine gold and / or sterling silver. The precious metals are more expensive, but will last for a lifetime. If you are just experimenting with various styles of cufflinks, the most economical choice will be goldtone or silvertone. These are easily found, but the precious metal cufflinks are more scarce in today's marketplace. They can, however, often be found in high-end menswear stores and even jewelers may carry cufflinks in your choice of genuine gold or silver.

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