Do You Own A Handbag Or A Toolbag?

Do You Own A Handbag Or A Toolbag?

When my brothers and sisters and I were young, I remember that my mother would not leave the house without her big black leather handbag. A strap neatly tucked on her gloved arm, like a waiter's napkin, she was proudly leaving with her tribe tidied behind her. The duck mother and the ducklings.

Since then, I realized that the proud inclination of her chin and her straight posture was simply her satisfaction enough to know that no matter what the disaster might happen to her, there would be in her purse something to remedy this issue.

Thirty years later, the style and shape of her handbag may have changed, but I guarantee you that you can always change a car tire or prevent nuclear war by searching the contents of my handbag. mother.

Alas, it seems that this is a characteristic trait that has gone from mother to daughter, because I am the one among all my friends who can always count on a bandaid for a cut finger or the perfect lip gloss for a contact. up. Oh, and I'm always the one who has the towels and spare pads.

I would like to ask Dr. Freud a question about my particular predilection for carrying all the contents of my room (and my kitchen and bathroom) in my purse, but it would probably relate to a problem of inadequacy. female sexuality. (The envy of the penis sounds like a good one!)

What never ceases to amaze me is that the stars who walk on the red carpet at these gala events can they fit into a matchbox-sized evening bag? Heck, it looks like they do not have room for a match, let alone a box of matches. I always imagine their mother, or their assistant, or their interlocutor, quietly shuffling their oversized Louis Vuitton bag through the rear trader's entrance. After all, what celebrity would leave home without a complete makeover kit, a change of underwear, a spare toothbrush (or teeth!) And an extra bottle of Moët in an emergency?

Most men who tell you that women are mysterious creatures have never witnessed the total mount of a woman's handbag. I do not know if they would have the physical or mental strength to handle it.

As nurses and caretakers of the world, I would like to think that my handbag is an expression of my humanitarian personality, to global thinking. I am the one who will always be there to help another human being in need. As long as they wear the same shade of lipstick as me.

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