Quick guide to choosing a new pair of sneakers

Quick guide to choosing a new pair of sneakers

Sneakers are probably the most important items in a sports wardrobe. As interesting as it may seem, you can not start jogging the same way you go to the office.

It is important to have at least one pair of sneakers on hand at every exit. Whether you want to go to the woods with a friend or family, or simply go to a local store to buy something for the home, they are the first choice because they are lightweight and very easy to put on.

How to decide which ones are for you?

It's a simple task. Look for models that you think would fit you well. Once you have several pairs that you like, take a closer look. See if they are quality, what material they are made of, and how the sole is glued.

Will they endure the kind of stress you are planning to put on them? Otherwise, remove them from the list. There is no point buying a pair of sneakers that will break after two weeks of use.

Then ask yourself if they are fine with the other clothes in your closet. Usually, sneakers go well with most jeans and other casual pants. However, if you think you can wear sneakers with your work overall, stop doing it! Give up your mind! It is impossible to wear sneakers with official clothes. Unless you want to deliberately shock people.

Once you have taken care of the steps above, all you need to know is the optimal size. For that, the best is to go to a local store and try some sneakers to see how big is your comfort. You can also check your current shoes, but if you feel a bit uncomfortable, you can get a larger size. Also note that the sneakers you already have have gone through the stretching phase, so their size may be a bit different.

Now that you know what to look for, it's time to get a good pair of sneakers.

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