Choosing the right sports bra

Choosing the right sports bra

sports bras are designed to provide support, movement control and a perfect fit for the breasts during exercise or sport. The sports bra that suits one person means that you buy one that suits you perfectly for your comfort and support, which fits perfectly to the size of your chest and your level of activity. A good fit is important for maximum comfort and movement control during exercise.

Many women do not know how to choose the right bra size and, therefore, wear poorly fitting bras. To avoid this, measure around your chest, under your arms and just above your breasts. If your chest circumference is an odd number, round it to the next even number. To fit the size of your cup, measure the most complete part of your bus. If placed between numbers, round it to the nearest whole number. The size of the cup is based on the difference between the measurement of the chest and the measurement of the bust. A difference of 1 "corresponds to a cup" A "and a difference of 5 inches (" DD ").

Since sports bras support the breasts and minimize their movement during exercise, it is important to find a bra with enough support for your level of activity. Most sports bras are categorized by level of activity and must be purchased based on that. The greater the impact of the activity, the more support you need while you run it.

There are several styles to choose from, but it's more important to first find the appropriate fit and support, then look for the desired style in that area. You need to be concerned about your form and abilities before worrying about your style. Look at her as if you were a waitress who buys a pair of comfortable shoes because a waitress wearing poorly fitting shoes causes back and leg injuries, and an athlete or someone who is often exercising can the delicate ligaments of the chest to stretch with an ill-fitting sports bra.

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