Spot counterfeit designer handbags

Spot counterfeit designer handbags

You can try to save a few dollars by buying a replica designer handbag, but there are many reasons why it makes sense to buy the real thing:

  • 1. Although replicas may look like reality, the finish and quality can not be compared to the original.

  • 2. Counterfeiters avoid paying taxes because their businesses are generally operated in cash. Citizens like you and I still have to pay.

  • 3. The sale of counterfeit trademark products has been linked to terrorist activities and gangs, as well as organized crime. Medications are often smuggled into counterfeit handbags.

Spot a fake

There was a time when it was easy to spot fake misspelled logos, cheap leather and poor quality material. Now, the fake ones are starting to look good and it's hard to tell the difference. Here's how to say what's real and what's not:

  • 1. Authentic handbags are purchased from authorized authorized dealers. Street vendors do not sell authentic designer handbags at home, at flea markets, in New York City's Chinatown, on Los Angeles's Santee Alley, or at the mall's kiosks. .

  • 2. If you are considering a Coach handbag, the company's website provides a list of authorized dealers. Coach and Kate Spade provide detailed information on detecting replicas of their products.

  • 3. The price A new Prada handbag will not be sold for $ 50.

  • 4. Country of origin labels. The country of origin of Fendi handbags is Italy. If the handbag has a "Made in Taiwan" label, it's not the real thing.

Buy designer handbags online

If you're shopping online and looking for a designer handbag at a price that's hard to pass, there's a way to know if you're buying an authentic product:

Read the description of the product carefully. Some online merchants will attract you to their sites by describing their products as original, authentic or authentic. After reading the descriptions, you can find phrases such as "inspired by" a particular designer. This product is not genuine and this term is used to protect the merchant from trademark infringement.

You want to know with certainty that it's real?

Purchase branded products only from authorized resellers.

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