History and use of cufflinks

History and use of cufflinks

The history of the cufflinks begins with King Charles II, king of the 17th century, who had a flair for form and function and who was also the beginner of fashionable modern cufflinks. As for that day, a very fashionable man should wear shirts with lace front and cuffs. A string was used to tie the wrist around the wrist. But King Charles used an ornamental button to pin the wrist of his coat to show more lace in the sleeve of his shirt. Later, this method was modified and the ornamental buttons were replaced by modern cufflinks. Nowadays, the functions of modern cufflinks are, in the old fashion, the only additional quality is their glossy appearance.

The main use of the cufflinks is to keep the wrist of the shirt around the wrist. In this modern world, the buttons on the cuffs of men's shirts also serve as cufflinks.

But when we want to wear a cufflink, we absolutely need a shirt with "French cuffs" or "double cuffs". Single wrist shirts have never been removed.

When we wear a French wrist shirt, the first thing we notice is the extra material at the end of the sleeves. Sometimes he will threaten us by even swallowing our hands. But it is designed to be like that. What we can do to change this is simply to fold this extra garment on the bottom of the sleeve to make a nice armband. On the outside of this armband, there will be two buttonholes at the front and back, at the top and bottom of each side. When we line up these buttonholes on the cufflink, the wrists are tied to close around the wrist.

We can not estimate a sharp man through his clothes, but by matching. When wearing gold or silver cufflinks, also select the matching wristwatch. But if the wristwatch is leather, the metal just matches it.

When you examine the cufflinks according to their color, make sure they match the tone of your shirt. For a statement, select the tie also to match the color of your cufflink.

When we use the cufflinks in a dinner jacket especially for a party, we combine your cufflinks with your white inner shirt or a dark outer jacket. Now that fashion is changing, wear matching gold or silver metal cufflinks to your jacket.

When attending a wedding ceremony, notice what others are dressing for the party and wear the same dresses tone-on-tone, without changing the rules. A simple tip will be to match the cufflinks with wristwatch, ring and with a shirt or jacket.

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