Dress your children

Dress your children

It's nice to see well-dressed children, especially small children, who can be both pretty and fashionable. Babies do not have a say in what we dress so we can be as flamboyant or simplistic as we wish!

Nowadays, specialized stores abound, with prices ranging from the most reasonable to the most ridiculous. A small child does not have the concept of wearing designer clothes as the parent. Whether the clothes are cheap and cheerful or expensive and chic, babies and toddlers will still do damage by eating, crawling and generally doing what little kids do!

No matter how much or how little you spend, clothes should always be practical. For anyone who has had the pleasure of dressing a baby or toddler who is agitated, the buttons and zippers must absolutely be in the right places. Time is limited when dressing or undressing your child. So delicate buttons and zippers and badly positioned neckties are definitely no, no, no! Easy access by poppers, especially in baby pants, is a great invention. Imagine how long it takes to put on a foot in pants!

Babies grow up at an incredible rate, so there is no need to worry about worn clothes, they tend to be too small and still in a good condition. It's great if you're going to have more children or if you have someone with a smaller baby to put on clothes. Definitely a money saver if you are the beneficiary of the generosity of another parent.

Toddlers are wonderful little people that you can always dress up to look cute - until they suddenly start to become independent and choose their own clothes. When they are at this point, you can forget that they look stylish and fashionable. Toddlers tend not to have color coordination or sartorial meanings - be warned!

The first years of school can be very simple, the child spending most of the time in uniform. Dressing your child is easier, but it can be expensive, depending on where you buy the uniform. Most of us buy at least one blazer or bigger pants for the child to "grow up", which can be a nuisance for our children. Be diplomatic and do not be too excited about your child's growing abilities.

The wonderful years of adolescence! - A nightmare of clothes. Just when you thought buying a school uniform was easy, you discover the opposite. Your teenager must suddenly wear shoes, sneakers, branded trousers - the latest logo must have the latest logo on the front or back. Buying labels and sewing them will not work, teens can be difficult, but they are not fooled.

At the end of the day, buy what you can afford, make sure the clothes are strong enough and properly assembled.

Dressing up smaller children should be practical, it seems silly to put a cute dress on a crawling baby, as they will probably stay still if they continue to put their knees on the dress! Another problem with dressing teenagers is that birthdays and Christmas are convenient for buying expensive clothes or sports shoes as gifts, and it's often a good compromise.

Trends are falling and changing like the wind among teenagers. So, even if your child is small, dress him with the colorful and elegant garment you have chosen, but at least he will not be afraid of losing his credit!

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