'Tis the season of bridesmaid dresses and children's formal wear

Spring is upon us, which means it's the season of children's formal wear. Weddings require bridesmaids dresses and tuxedos for boys, as well as First Communion robes and boys' costumes. What's in this season? Keep reading to find out!

Bridesmaid dresses

As for flower girl dresses, you have several options that will bring a smile to your guests' faces and give your flower girls the feeling of being little princesses. A sleeveless satin bodice with a satin skirt and an organza overlay is a simple but amazing combination. Colored stones scattered with a band matching the belt blend well with the clothes of other members of the wedding. Depending on the age of the young lady, choose the length of the tea or the soil.

For a look both feminine and chic, opt for a flower girl dress on the back. A satin-skin skirt with a row in front and three rows in the back, with a large bow with tails and fabric roses, will make this day a special event for the damsel and the bride.

If you're concerned about your budget, do not overlook some of the  bridesmaid dresses   available online. As beautiful as the most expensive flower girl dresses, you can find satin and organza dresses, as well as flounced dresses, for prices ranging from $ 35 to $ 80.

Communion dresses

Every little girl will remember her first communion for the rest of her life. Communion robes are therefore an important part of the ritual. A princess-style scalloped organza dress with a coordinating veil will give it a special feel, as will the simple lines of a Communion satin gown with lace and a detachable jacket.

Boys costumes

This season, there is a lot of choice for boys' costumes. Whether it's his first communion or a family wedding, he will be delighted to wear a traditional five-piece suit. The double-breasted jackets are back in style and come in white for the perfect First Communion outfit. For a more formal occasion, a boy's tuxedo - with or without a tail - is always appropriate.

Baptismal Dresses

With regard to girls' baptismal dresses, there are many choices. An entirely white batiste dress with smocks on a bodice dotted with white pearls, as well as matching bloomers, is adorable. For more traditional baptismal dresses, you can choose a length of up to 32 inches with intricate embroidery and a matching hat. Keep in mind that a baptismal dress can be passed from generation to generation. The choice of a timeless style can be appropriate.

Christening clothes for boys

For boys, baptismal outfits are usually five-piece sets consisting of a shirt, pants, bow tie, jacket and hat. The typical length of the pants is either shorts or panties. Some sets have brocade, while others have a satiny border.

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