A season of classic looks and delicate details

A season of classic looks and delicate details

What will women wear this fall? The Chadwick-style experts, the country's first and largest fashion catalog, say the clean, conservative look is back in fashion. The skin-baring outfits are finished and the overlay is in place. Volume and textured fabric are the buzzwords of fashion. Rich colors such as black, red, purple and gray dominated the podiums. Chadwick offers the following tips for being fashionable this fall:

Elegant silhouettes

The "new combination" includes fitted jackets, slim pants and a skirt, for a neat and elegant look. Think of choosing a plaid blazer with a mandarin collar or washed wool and a pair of pants for a sophisticated look. Men's style jackets, softened by feminine details and a light drape, create a look that's right in a boardroom or bistro.

Give your pants a little spice by wearing short or wide models. Several high-level designers have explored this trend with contrasting looks: a loose, narrow, long, and short jumpsuit. Anyone can wear this look by balancing the silhouette with heels or a suitable top.

Touchable Textures

Luxury velvet has made a comeback this season. Chadwick's designs feature crushed velvet blazers and jewelry that creates a modern look.

From the big cable to the fine gauge, there is a knit for all occasions. For a comfortable option on cold autumn nights, opt for a knit sweater. For a feminine look, try a set of twins lined with ruffles or a beaded cardigan.

Au Courant Accents

For a tasteful fall overlay, everything is in the details. Pieces lined with lace or ruffles create a romantic touch under shirts and jackets.

Wrapped along the skirt or trousers, the embroidery adds a touch of style. Paisley and floral motifs are classic twists of this modern trend.

A signature cliché is a fitted jacket at the waist with a belt. Combine it with a boot of any height for a flawless look.

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