So, I do not clean my car with a shirt?

So, I do not clean my car with a shirt?

Do you know the difference between a corset and a kimono or even a thong string? Most men and some women do not know all the facts and many men would be too embarrassed to ask at a street lingerie store. You must always make sure that you have an idea of ​​what you are looking for before stepping into a lingerie store door. So use this guide of different types of lingerie and use it well.

A shirt is like a combination of a short nightgown and a summer dress. It is usually made of a very thin and fragile material. A doll, however, is even shorter and although the top is usually tightly wrapped around the body, the bottom looks slightly more like a dress than if it ends at the hip. A teddy bear is more like a one-piece swimsuit that tightly wraps the body accentuating and favoring curves.

A bustier is a fitted top that helps accentuate the breasts and usually has bottom fastenings to attach to stockings or garters. A corset is, if you prefer, a narrower and stronger version of the strapless. It will accentuate the breasts and slim the waist once fit, which will also help make the breasts even more voluptuous.

A kimono is a bathrobe designed for comfort, although the wearer always looks incredibly sexy. Often, a kimono can be worn over another lingerie item to cover or alone.

Shorts are just that; a very short pair of shorts that are usually made from lace or silky material. Many men find this incredibly sexy in a woman and women like to wear them because they show their legs and feel good on the skin. A string is literally that. The back of the panty is made up of a little more than a piece of material that is literally a string. A thong however has a little more substance even if they are still skinny compared to other underpants.

In addition to these different types of lingerie, you will also need to select the material and color, as well as the correct size. Lingerie is not only available in lace and satin, there are many different materials. Cotton is also another popular material and if your partner feels most comfortable with cotton, buy a cotton ensemble that will always look incredibly sexy and because it feels sexy and comfortable. she will not fail to appreciate it. Color will be more of a personal choice and you should have a good idea of ​​the type of color that your partner would prefer. In terms of size, you should consider wearing each item and, if in doubt, always choose a size slightly smaller than you think. The item can be traded and you will earn brownie points for flattery.

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